Sunday, January 29, 2017

Favorite Lecture's From the Nutrition Event's I Attended Since my Last Blog Post

I know, I know I have been MIA for the past year or so!  Did not update my blog whatsoever!! Doesn’t mean I wasn’t out and about in nutrition world.   I’ll give you a brief highlight of my favorite lectures from the three different events I have attended since updating you last.

1.)    Robert Wood Johnson New Brunswick’s Second Annual Nutrition Symposium

-         Back in March of last year, my co-workers and I attended this event which had some interesting talks on retail dietetics, holistic nutrition and supplementation.  Of all the talks I have to say I enjoyed Dr. Shawn Arent’s the most.  His lecture entitled, “The Psychology of Supplementation,” discussed the performance enhancing effects of caffeine, the positive’s and negative’s of St. John’s Work usage, Omega 3 fatty acids benefits for mood disorders and ADHD, Gingko Biloba on cognitive function and Creatine. Of all the supplements listed above, the information provided regarding Creatine was most exciting of all.  Creatine has been found to have neuroprotective benefits for those suffering from traumatic brain injury.  In fact football players who take Creatine are able to recover from concussions much more quickly than those who do not take the supplement.  Creatine’s ability to cross the blood brain barrier and it’s association with increased brain oxygenation has proven to be helpful in combatting fatigue and with those suffering from Huntington’s Disease.

2.)     Today’s Dietitian Nutrition Symposium in Orlando, Florida

-Yes, I traveled all the way to Orlando, Florida back in May to be part of this event!  And I even got to visit Disney for the first time ever while I was there!! There were lecture’s I attended on communicating nutrition messages properly to the public, updates on the new dietary guidelines, as well as Olive Oil!! Of all the talks I listened in on, I must say the Olive Oil talk by Dr. Janet Bond Brill was very eye opening.  I never realized this but Olive Oil is actually the most widely consumed fruit juice in the world.  Why is that? Well Olive’s are drupe fruits and the oil is actually the juice that is extracted from the olive.  There is so much adulteration of olive oil’s apparently.  When reading the products label it is important to look for a product that has been processed and packaged in one location. The bottle should be dark and try to stay away from pomace oil.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best. 

      3.)  GNYDA Annual Health and Wellness Event in New York City

            - Once again, I took the train into the city to attend this educational event.  I thoroughly      enjoyed the speaker Laura Lagano, MS, RD, CDN Co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Network.  Some  interesting factoids she provided were that Marijuana has only been illegal in the United States for the past 80 years.  Prior to that it was used as medicine.  In the UK, during Queen Victoria’s time, women actually drank Cannabis tea to relieve menstrual pains. She discussed how it works through the bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to relieve pain and other symptoms.  The ECS is also said to help promote homeostasis in our bodies.  The use of medical marijuana has been found to help many conditions like seizures but more research is needed.  Many of it’s stated benefits are anecdotal.