Monday, September 4, 2017

Brief thoughts on BBC documentary, "Clean Eating-The Dirty Truth"

September 4, 2017

  So the other night I was watching this awesome documentary on clean eating hosted by Dr. Giles Yeo, a Nutritional Biochemist, that was aired on BBC a few months back.  Here is the link for your viewing pleasure if you are interested (  Whether it was the concept of pleomorphosis or wheat as being one of those “bad,” foods to avoid, he debated many of their claims from a scientist’s perspective. There is so much misinformation about diet and health out there.  For instance, I had recently heard about a documentary entitled, “What the Health,” which made an outlandish claim about eggs being more hazardous than cigarettes.   For that reason alone I don’t think I can stomach watching it.  So many fad diets and pseudo truths are being circulated related to health.  The clean eating movement does emphasize some positives when it comes to health. For example, it promotes cooking your meals, as well as, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.  But there are some negative aspects that can overlap with the message making it more difficult for the lay person to differentiate from right and wrong.  Many times they rely on their personal convictions when deciding to follow a certain diet regimen which could steer them wrong unfortunately.  Hopefully, with the increasing visibility of Dietitian’s, we can expand our message for better eating based on more sound principles.